Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derek & Adam celebrate family birthday

Adam holds the pogo stick record in the family.
His parents look on and watch him head for the Guiness book.

Aunt Helen tries to help Brooke take a chance with her pogo stick.

Lindsay rides the big wheel at grandada's and grandmama's.

Adam and Derek racing the Jeep and trike
Lindsay and Adam racing
Brooke on her trike taking a break.

Derek enjoying another birthday party

Brooke and Derek waiting for cake!

All four grandchildren Derek and Adam were on Spring break during their actual birthday's 3/30 and 4/11 respectively

Age 11 for Derek and age 8 for Adam.

Aunt Helen and Brooke pose for the camera.

Brooke gets a kick out of driving the "boy jeep"

Derek and Linds being crazy!

Brooke, Helen and Adam playing a card game as Adam makes up the rules!

Linds and Derek mug for the camera

Derek and Brooke play together also

Brooke in her garden

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