Monday, February 15, 2010


Lindsay and Graison
My big girl sweetheart

My lil sweetie pie!

I LOVE this photo!!

Sisters love each other!
This was my surprise Valentine present from Mike and my friend Missy! I had NO idea they did this without me. They also did one of all the kids together. Missy's 3 and our 2! I'll post those also. This was the BEST surprise ever! We haven't gotten professional pics of Brooke since her 1st Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

omigosh! these are soooo cute! i love this last one & both girls. i can't believe mike pulled it off without you suspecting anything! what a good husband he is! :)

Kim Snook said...

Absolutely beautiful, Chris. And what a great Valentine's present. Your husband made a lot of men look bad today. He is a man who knows what his wife wants.

MBKimmy said...

OMG I am in tears - how wonderful! I love this! I wish that my hubby would think like that!!!

Tara said...

Wonderful pictures! That was so sweet of Mike and Missy!