Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Snow Fun 2/13/10

The start of a new snow man.
Our neighbors Crystal and Gary
Gary's version of the snow man
...and after Lindsay and Crystal add a female touch.
Linds poses with the snow man in our driveway
Snow Girl in the making

Snow girl
Snow Mouse
(Lindsay was asking to make a snow mouse as soon as the snow started to fall)
... even has a curly tail

A photo just for perspective (this mouse was HUGE!)
Uncle Paul was home, so we got to ride in the jeep.
EXTRA Horse Power
Sledding in Uncle Paul's driveway
Back at home- a smaller snow mouse!


Renata said...

WOW! THose are AWESOME!!! I am impressed. I don't even think I can build snowmen,snowwomen, mouses and cats like that and I live up North! How FUN!

Anonymous said...

OMG! look as those snowpeople/pets! that's awesome! i tried making one with the snow we got, but i got bored after i got the base part done. maybe when we have kids i'll like it more...

lindsay & brooke are growing up...too fast!

Patty said...

Very cute! Brianna and I made a snowman last weekend, but we got so much snow that it was buried in a snowbank by the time the storm was over. LOL