Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Blog Rules

This blog has been created for only family, extended family, my Children down the road, people we love that are far away who care about us and not just themselves. Apparenly, Other people are reading way too much into what I write here. You know who you are. Please just enjoy the fun photos of Brooke and Lindsay and don't think you have the right to examine MY life. People in glass houses should not throw stones!

Update apparently there is a certain friend of mine that thinks I should use my blog to vent.
That I purposely try to make my life "look" happy, happy, happy. Well, I tend to think everyone does a little of that personally. I don't have this blog to vent and whine about life. I haven't let all of you know that I lost my job in July. I only got paid short term disability thru 10/31/09. Mike hasn't found a job yet because he's been taking care of me and all my doc appts and physical therapy. The important people KNOW these things! We have to pay COBRA now to keep our insurance up to date. Which is not exactly easy when there is no income and we have medical bills up the wazoo from 2008. If I decide that I want to blog about traveling around the world that should be Mike and my choice. Though it's only wishful thinking...
We have a lot of help from family and church that we GREATLY appreciate!


MBKimmy said...

Oh no - what happened?! Did I miss it?! I got your card in the mail! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT - your hair looks great!
I am going to FINALLY post on Christmas today so be on the the lookout

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry to read about all of this Chris! I had no idea. Be assured I will be praying for you and your family.

katie from cuppajoe said...

girl, people are idiots!!!! they have too much time on their hands. i used to face criticism all the time about my blog-mostly from my mother. but you do what you want and tell everyone else to $%^^ off!! ( i am sure you'll say it nicer than i would!! hahah)

love ya! and happy new year!!!

Me. said...

You can't win, Chris. You could vent on here and piss people off. You could NOT vent on here and piss people off. LOL! I stopped writing in my blog this past summer because I just didn't feel right posting about "happy" when my life was falling apart. I was afraid I WOULD vent too much and get myself into trouble! ha! Anyway, you write what YOU want to write and share what YOU want to share. (For what it's worth - I am also unemployed now and it's hard as hell...GREAT times are ahead for us all. I am confident.) Love ya, girl.