Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

Well it's catch up time on the blog. I'm off tomorrow so I'm staying up a little later and blogging and addressing Christmas cards! On the Sunday after Thanksgiving we all got together on Mike's side of the family for food fest part II! Sorry Brooke next year you'll get more to eat than exersaucer!
Lindsay loving her cupcake!

Linds and Adam hanging out at the "art work" table. Adam is making sure that Lindsay isn't trying to get his personal bag of Uncle Mike's Chex mix. GO DEREK, check him out in the background feeding Brooke. He's such a great big cousin!

Here's a better shot of Derek and Brooke

Lindsay is getting to the point where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself. So here is her "self portrait"!
We all had a nice time and it was even nicer not to have to do two Thanksgivings on the same day. We did that once and never again! You eat too much the first place and then feel bad for not eating enough at the second place! This way there is no guilt!

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Kimmie Kay said...

Love Lindsay's self portrait! Glad you had 2 Happy Turkey Days!