Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun Pics of the girls

Lindsay helps Daddy paint a pumpkin...we had issues though so finished product will have be shown later!
Trying on her Lady Bug costume!

Lindsay is showing off her wings!

We did a good practice round of "Trick or Treat"
Lindsay decorated her little pumpkins from Burt's farm and had M&M's in her plastic ones she found in her Halloween box!

Lindsay at the dock in Ellijay feeding her fish acorns...

More acorn feedings from Aunt Patti's deck.
Brooke & Lindsay get some bath time in together!

Brooke handled it pretty well!

Brooke eyes her formula malt...

Lindsay loves to get hats when we go out to eat.

Sister snack time


Anonymous said...

awwwww, i wish you guys lived close enough to come trick or treat at my house...i have chocolate, nerds, gum, jolly ranchers...etc...i would love to see that little lady bug all dressed up!


Tara said...

Those pictures are adorable. I love Lindsay's costume too. I hope work went well.

Heather said...

They are precious together. Love the Ladybug costume.

Andrea said...

Ahhh I remember you buying Lindsay's costume on clearance last year. From old navy, right? I can't believe its already been a year! My how time flies. Now we've both got two!

Katy S. said...

Your girls are so sweet Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that is the cutest ladybug ever! It looks like the girls are really enjoying each other lately too! Sisters ROCK!!!