Saturday, February 2, 2008

Memories of Midnight

Midnight spent my entire pregnancy resting on my belly. Once Lindsay was born she still kept watch over the baby. The very first time I felt Lindsay kick, Midnight was laying in my lap.
Mike and his girls. Midnight's favorite place was on her daddy's lap, even if she had to share it.

Once Lindsay would go to bed this would be a common nightly routine.

The Elmo chair was a kitty fave. She used it more than Lindsay has since she's gotten it.

Midnight was almost 20 years old when she went to Heaven. She lived ALL of her 9 lives for sure. For a cat who was very indifferent to me when I first moved in we grew to love each other. I think she even forgave me for bringing the dog. I certainly forgave her for peeing on my Christmas tree skirt our first married Christmas. It's not her fault that Mike put it in the dryer and it shredded into a million pieces. Ha! Ha!

My most lasting memory of her will be when Lindsay came home from our most recent trip and went straight over to her and squatted down and put her cheek next to the cat's. This was Lindsay's way of giving kitty a kiss. She missed her cat and was so happy to see her. I wish that Lindsay would remember her but we'll have lots of pictures like these to show her when she's older.

Rest in Peace, Midnight. We'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

Chris! I am sitting here bawling like a baby...and before you think i am a total dork, let me explain! hehe.

first of all, what a sweet tribute to your beloved pet. This one about the cat touched me because i have had cats my whole life and was very attached to them. Some people don't like cats but i love them!

My cat Chloe was with me while I labored with Joe down in the family room before we left for the hospital. that cat knew something wasn't right and she never left my side. she sat right next to me, instinctivly knowing that in one of the scariest times, i needed someone. (paul was asleep upstairs on Tylenol PM haha) anyways, i'll never forget that.

You talking about Midnight during your pregnancy made me remember that.

anyways, now i am rambling. I am sorry about your loss, girl. but i am so glad you have all these great pictures and memories to share. you take care. :)

Caba said...

What a beautiful cat! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! There are some people that don't understand how a pet truly becomes a part of your family, and how deep that loss really runs. I bet ya my Bucca is chasing Midnight around right now! Hugs!

Tara said...

That was a sweet post. I remember the Christmas Tree Skirt incident very well, to this day. Glad you have plenty of pictures of her.

MBKimmy said...

Again - sorry about your loss- I know it is early but do you think you will get other animals?! Hope the itching is getting better an that the pictures for now will ease your heart!

Chris said...

Katie- thanks for sharing your story about Chloe. Yes, I agree that they know when your in pain, sad or something is wrong.

Erika-thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

Tara-yes I know you were there the day Mike called me at work to tell me about the tree skirt. LOL Everyone thought someone died. He learned his lesson too. Now he waits for me to come home before he tells me ANYTHING like that. Ha!ha!

Mbkimmy- thanks so much. I'm still itching but it's not been like that first morning. I'm going to call my dermatologist on Monday though. UGH.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas tree skirt comment made me chuckle.


Caitlin said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Like Katie, my cat sat with me too while I was in the first stages of labor with Little Brian. This wasa sweet tribute to your pet.