Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Orlando Pics

I feel so behind now. After the week we had this trip feels like a year ago. So without further ado some fun stuff.... My Sister Kim with her youngest Caroline and my Lindsay!
Lindsay immediately took over the run of grammy Larsen's house (Kim's mom). It was kid haven there as she has tons of GRANDDAUGHTERS and there were toys galore for Lindsay to play with!
Ya think she's ready for her own stroller and baby doll??? She has the doll but no stroller. Guess we'll be getting her the whole stroller carseat combo when her "new baby" comes to town. I love this photo. Check out that smile and how the wind is blowing through her hair...good times people, good times!
Lindsay decides she needs to walk Daddy & Liney around the block one more time.

Kaley & Kimmy have some beauty parlor time while we're waiting to get the birthday party started. Kim's sister Shel's daughter was turning 3 that day. Sorry, no pics of her beauties allowed on the blog though. Bummer, but I'm respecting... :)

For those of you who don't know I lived with Kim and her family for several years of high school and part of college. They are truly family to me. I know it might be confusing so I wanted to clarify. Kim and I aren't blood related sisters but we ARE sisters. TRUST US! Her folks are grammy & pop pop to Lindsay. Whenever we go back to my old stomping ground that's where we head. It's also so great to have somewhere to stay that is mega child safe. I never worried about where in the house Lindsay was or what she was doing. Thanks to the Larsen/Norman clan for putting us up for a few days! We miss you guys already! Hoping to make another trip in the late summer, early Fall with baby number 2!


MBKimmy said...

Love the pictures - love them ... she is running with the wind in her face ready to take on the world! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay just gets prettier every time i see her! she's so beautiful,chris. glad you had a great trip!