Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lindsay's Home!

We picked Lindsay up this evening and had a yummy dinner at my sister's house. Lindsay had an absolute blast there. She slept thru the night fine for them and ate them out of house and home I'd say! She was in prime form tonight playing and showing off. I swear she is talking so much it's incredible. Pretty soon she's just going to tell us like it is! LOL!

Mike and I had a nice time Saturday night. We laughed over the fact that it cost us 30 bucks for two movies tickets, ONE drink & ONE medium popcorn! I told him "see all the money you saved by getting married and having kids!"
We saw I am Legend and let me just warn you all that if you are tenderhearted about animals or don't like scary movies steer clear of this one. It was a good movie and all. Will Smith was great and looked great too! However, it was just a bit freaky for me. All I can tell you is the woman behind me and myself were bawling when we left the theater. I ran to the restroom so that Mike wouldn't know how upset I was and then when we started talking about it in the parking lot I started crying all over again. And it wasn't the happy ending, cathartic chic flic cry either. I was disturbed. I know I will have nightmares from watching that movie. I wish I had known it was going to be as disturbing as it was. I would have preferred to see that One Missed Call movie. I'm much better with freaky, this can't really happen scary. This movie made me want to go home and get my kid!
Enough said, check it out for yourselves but at least you've been warned. Oh, and I do realize that some of why I was such a baby is probably because of the hormones taking over my body right now. However, I won't be watching that again on DVD pregnant or not.

So, tomorrow is the big appointment for Lindsay with the ENT to start evaluating her for tubes. I'm curious to see how fast they jump on that or what they actually test her for before doing it. Part of me feels like we should see how she does over the Spring and part of me thinks we should just do it. I'm hoping I have a better gage on it after we meet this doctor.

Tuesday is my OB appt as well, so it's a busy doctor week. Hopefully we'll have some new pics to post soon too.

Hope everyone has a good Monday.


Anonymous said...

Glad oyu had fun at the movies! need to see that one.

I hope all goes well at Lindsay's ENT. For Joe they did it right away. Surgery was 15 minutes i think.

Hope all goes well at your OB visit and i hope to see US pics soon!! :)

Anonymous said...

Um yeah....I won't be seeing that one. I don't see scary on ANY level. I don't even watch scary previews....I flip the channel when they come on! Hee hee!

Good luck at the ENT. I promise that it won't be as scary as you think that it will and that tubes are SO NOT a big deal...even when it is your kid. So, either way don't worry too much.

Let us know how it goes.

MBKimmy said...

Thanks for the heads up - however we haven't been to a movie in the theater since cars came out ... haha that was ages ago!
Looking forward to the updates!

Andrea said...

Our last movie in a theater was "Eight Below", and even though it was a Disney movie it was hard to take when a few dogs die : ( I am that tenderhearted about animals type you spoke of!

Glad you got to have a date-that sounds fabulous! Its sounds like Lindsay had a good time at her "sleepover" too ; )

Anonymous said...

Glad that you guys had a fun night out. I do not remember that Steve and I went to alone.

Best wishes at the ENT with Lindsay.