Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grandma's Pumpkin Garden

Derek & Adam make their selections
Hanging out with her cousins
Lindsay won't say pumpkin yet. She calls them apples. We're also working on "trick or treat".
Adam takes care of his little cousin. sweet!
Lindsay heading into the patch to pick her prize.
This one looks good!
What a sweet pic. GOOD JOB DADDY! Check out her pumpkin Robeez...we're getting TONS of compliments on these shoes. Thanks Caron!
No more pictures Dad!

Hello Bloggers! FINALLY! I haven't been able to post pics in two nights. Blogger had a bug or something! Last Sunday we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa and check out the pumpkins in their garden. The kids had a great time picking out pumpkins. This coming Sunday we're heading to the Mother of all patches Burt's Pumpkin Farm! I'm sure we'll have lots more pics from there. We're also taking Linds this weekend for some new portraits. She'll be 16 months on Saturday! It's been a tough week in the Bresnan house. Lindsay has not been sleeping well. We've been having to incorporate some TUFF LOVE and let her cry it out in the middle of the night. It's been VERY hard on us. We got through last night with only one cry out and it didn't last long. Previous episodes have been two hours at a time. We're hoping for another quiet night tonight!
Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow and an awesome weekend. We'll try to get a few more pics up soon. I'm falling behind on the camera.


Anonymous said...

The halloween outfit is so cute and the shoes are to die for! Have fun at Burt's Pumpkin farm.

Caron said...

Hey Chris! Adorable as usual!! Yeah... I know I have been a HORRIBLE poster lately. The 'poster child' for 'posting' I ain't!! We went on vacation though so hopefully when I recover I'll post some pics...cuz you know I got 'em! LOL! So sweet of you to miss me... I missed y'all!!!!!

Kimmie Kay said...

Cute pics and her outfit is adorable! Have fun this weekend...

Anonymous said...

Linds outfit is too stinkin' cute for words! Looks like she had a great time. She is really going to love Burt's! Some of their pumpkins will be bigger than her!!! Enjoy it and can't wait for pics. Hope you guys have as much fun as we did.

Anonymous said...

great halloween outfit. you got some great shots, girl.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Andrea said...

How neat to have your own private pumpkin patch!