Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ada's HomeMade Yeast Rolls

Aunt KK's mom Ada came into town for a visit last week. She lives in the now famous Jena Louisianna. Well, Ada is famous for her awesome homemade yeast rolls. Let me tell you that if you love a good roll you would SLAP YOUR MOMMA over these!! Obviously Lindsay here likes them a lot. It's probably a curse but it looks like she's going to love bread like her momma.
Ada had not met Lindsay yet so we got to meet her for dinner one night. She was nice enough to send us over some rolls before she left.
I'm sorry we didn't get a picture of Ada with Lindsay. I don't know what I could have been thinking, ME leave the house without the camera??? At any rate we wanted to do a thank you tribute because they were SO good. Aunt KK please make sure your mom sees these pics!


Bethany said...

Hey Chris. I've been watching your blog but haven't been able to comment in a while, so let me say...LOVE the boo boo bunny. Adorable Pumpkin Garden Pics. Those are all so adorable. Lindsey is cutie!! Isn't it amzaing that older generations can cook something that would make you want to slap your mamma!! I always wonder if my kids and grandkids will say that about things that I make?......NOPE!!!!! No way!!!

Chris said...

Thanks Bethany! Yeah, I have a feeling my grandkids won't remember me for that either! Thanks again for your comment. I think you have a reprieve since you're a tad busy right now! The Blogger Police should give you a free pass. :)