Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally the rest of the pics from the trip!

Karen & Kevin leading the way to the MOUNTAINS!
My attempt to take a scenic shot through the window.
The ONLY way to travel!
Smokey Falls Lodge in Maggie Valley North Carolina- I forgot to take pics of our rooms on the inside but I can tell you they're HUGE and very cozy! We'll absolutely go back and stay there again. Check them out if you're in the area! Call ahead because they stay FULL!
Front of lodge from gazebo.
The view from the front of the lodge
Gazebo where we spent a lot of time just chillin'
Daddy & Linds chillin' in the rocking chairs. Lindsay thinks it's cool she can rock herself now.
Lindsay hanging out in KK's room eating all her snacks! She had a grape in her mouth here hence the funny face. She loves to eat them whole instead of mom cutting them in fours. When they pop in her mouth she says cracks me up!
Kicking back in KK's bed. This is what you do here. NADA!

Check out that stride!
Lots of practice walking today!

We were trying to get some scenic shots here but someone wasn't cooperating...
Linds hanging out with the "boys" not so scenic with KK's hands in the photo.
Here is the cropped version. I think it's pretty cute!

Kevin taking in some reading...or should I say SHAMELESS PLUGGING of his cook book!

On the ride home Mike and I stopped at the Nantahala Gorge and watched the rafters and walked around for a bit.
The last big rapid before the end of the river.
Tell us what you REALLY think.
A stray dog that we thought was SO sweet. For a fleeting second I thought about bringing her home. Then I came to my senses!! Trust me when I tell you that two dogs, a cat, a baby and Mike and I are MORE THAN ENOUGH souls in our house. We did however let some people know that she was down there and they called the local rescue.



Anonymous said...

Love the cropped scenic pic of Linds. Just wait till she starts walking. Then you just have to follow her around and snap endless amounts of pics in hopes of 1 or 2 good ones. Morgan will NOT pose for a picture, EVER!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. What a beautiful place. Lindsay looks like she was running aroung the place. I think we really know who is in charge here! :)

Kimmie Kay said...

The place looks amazing and sounds like you all had fun...we want to come next time, LOL!