Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gone Shopping!

Here are pics from this past weekend when we went to the mall in Asheville. Lindsay says "hey, you missed the Carter's store!!"
Lindsay carried her bag all through the mall.
Check her out! We got lots of comments from other shoppers as you can imagine.
Aunt KK with her "doodle bug"
The adults take a break and Lindsay heads off to do more shopping!
See ya!

Check her out...standing all alone.
I'm walking, oh yeah....
Mommy using the paci as "bait"
Love this shot!
Pictures don't really show how well she was walking. She went from KK to Lydia here in this photo. Miss Lydia and her hubby own the lodge we stayed in. I'll post more pics of that in another post. I also have video. However, I have tried twice to post via blogger and it acts like it's going to work and then tells me that there is "no connection". Not sure if it's cause I'm on dial up or if my video isn't in the right format. My dear hubby is going to help me with it this weekend. One way or another I'm going to get video up on this blog if it's the last thing I do!! Be patient with me folks.


Anonymous said...

Love the "paci as bait". that is hilarious! cute pictures-she's on her way!

good luck with the video!

and yes, i have heard that there are some good contestants this year! and this time i know one of 'em so it should be interesting! can't wait for the Idol Mania to start up again! woohooooooo!

Anonymous said...

From Aunt KK A comment about that last picture - It may look like I was holding on to Lindsay, but I wasn't. It was exciting to watch her and she couldn't have been cuter with her shopping bag.

Andrea said...

I've tried to upload video to blogger unsucessfully before too. I think it has to be a VERY short clip in order for it to work-like 30 sec or less. Use one true media if you have a longer clip-it takes a while though. We have DSL and it takes about an hour per one mintue of video.

Chris said... what you're telling me Andrea is that I may as well not bother. If it takes an hour on DSL Lindsay will be 2 by the time my dial up loads a video. UGH.
Time to go nag my hubby again about the DSL.

MBKimmy said...

Love the paci ... we are currently using our to teach Tatum to roll over ... she is almost there!

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever gets them to do what you want!! Paci now, toys later, then cash, clothes, and more. Boy are we in trouble. :)

Melanie said...

Too cute! What a better place to practice walking than the mall?!?! before you know it you won't be able to keep up with her there!

Kimmie Kay said...

Cute! Call me this weekend when you're ready to post the video and I'll help...

Heather said...

Very cute, I am so proud of Lindsey. I hope you figure out a way to get some video on.

BTW - Elena loved looking at these pictures last night. So much she wanted to type her own comments.

Tara said...

Love Linds with the bag. Glad she's up and walking for you. I know you were looking forward to it.