Thursday, September 27, 2007

Look What I'm Doing Now!

We still aren't walking alone but with this contraption Lindsay can walk for MILES!
We figure it won't be long before she's really walking on her own. I'm hoping by Halloween for sure!
Here is our neighbor Megan getting in on the action with Lindsay
Watch out MAX...I'll run you down!
This pic is a little blurry but look how much fun she's having!
Daddy catching some memories on the camcorder!
Hey YOU! What'cha looking at!?

Lindsay had her 15 month check up and shots today. Here are her stats:
Up two pounds to 24lbs from her one year check.
We've grown one full inch longer to 29.5 inches.
She is in the 75% for head size and weight and 25% for height. She only got TWO shots today but the MMR was a hard one. She was a trooper though.
Unfortunately the office just ran out of flu shots so we have to go back in mid October for her flu shot. Since it's her first one she actually gets two shots for that too. She gets one in October and then a booster shot in November. Shhhh...don't tell her about that one yet. Poor thing.
Hope everyone has a great FRIDAY tomorrow. Let's hear it for the WEEKEND!


Heather said...

Those toys are the best. I am glad the doctor's appointment went okay.

Andrea said...

We got David his first flu shot(s) last year. Mom and Dad (Jason and I ) got them as well. I plan to do it all again this year as none of us got sick!

Kimmie Kay said...

Those pics are adorable! My kids even used to have one of those "contraptions", LOL! Glad she had a good check up...I'll keep your secret about the flu shot if you keep mine. Kaley doesn't know it yet, but she is having a shot that comes in 3 doses in 10 days (yikes). I'm ready for the weekend too, TGIF!

MBKimmy said...

have a great weekend the pics are great!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! she's on her way, i tell ya! she looks like she's having a blast.

i'm with andrea. we're getting the shots again this year. we got'em last year and no flu. the year before we didn't get them and i had the flu for the first time and just wanted to die.

Melanie said...

She is getting to be such a big girl! Before you know it she will be toddling all over the place withour assistance!

The Partins said...

Hey! Wanted you to know that I HAVE been keeping up with your blog, I just haven't had time to comment!!! It has been so crazy! I LOVE the hiking pictures, ADORABLE! She is adorable. Just turning from a cute baby to an ADORABLE toddler. :-)

Tara said...

Evan is just learning to use his walk and ride thing too. Go Linds, Go! She's growing up so fast.