Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Apple Pickin' Sunday 9/23/07

This past Sunday we went to Ellijay to do some Apple Picking with our good friends. It was definitely some good "fall fun" but the weather turned "Summer" on us again this past weekend and although we had a great time it was HOT! The above photo is Lindsay with her BFF Graison and Graison's big sister Caylin! Thank you Caylin for pulling the girls in the wagon most of the day for us!!!!!!
Check out Caylin here. She wouldn't get any closer to that ol' stuffed bear. Too funny!
Caylin takes a ride with Lindsay!
Meet Bessie the cow. The kids all got to milk her and she was a very sweet girl.
Graison & Lindsay being silly!
Lindsay got the hang of it here. She was so funny.

Caylin pretending to drink some Moonshine! They had a "moonshine museum" here as well. Unfortunately there was no "tasting room".
Hillcrest Orchards has a pretty large petting zoo. There were all kinds of fun loving animals there. The goats were OVERLY friendly and this one was desperately trying to eat Mike's shirt. Lindsay wasn't afraid of them though so that was cool. it's not a real pony but she liked it. Oh and the real pony rides were 5 bucks and she had just as much fun on this one. So we skipped the real deal for this time. She's too little I think anyway. We'll save that for when she's bigger. However you'll see some pics of Caylin & Graison riding the ponies here later.
"I'll hug him and love him and squeeze him and call him George!"
I couldn't resist this photo. I'm such a sucker for baby pigs. I would LOVE to have one as a pet IF I had a place for one OUTSIDE.

G on the tractor. Doesn't she look like such a big girl here? Little Miss has her second birthday coming up in November! I watched this angel come into the world and I can hardly believe that was two years already!
Speaking of coming into the world...we got to see this too. SOOOO COOL. I was hoping another one would hatch while we were there. There was a pretty good crack in one of the other eggs but we had to move on. Caylin was amazed to see this too.
Daddy and Lindsay on the BIG SLIDE. Lindsay is LOVING slides right now. She's getting very brave on them now. She probably would have gone down by herself if I would have let her.
Now you can see why I didn't. It's was TALL.

Graison on her pony! Aren't those curls of her just to die for!?

Miss Caylin looking like a pro!
Mommy & Linds. We bought her an apple sippy cup and she just loved it. She also got it filled with STRAIGHT apple cider. Not watered down. She CHUGGED it. I really didn't think she'd drink it all as we do not really give her juice. Fooled me. She drained it mighty quick!
Later we went down the road to an orchard called BJ REECE for some better pick your own. (Kim this is where we went with you guys that time) They have a nice view from their orchard as well. Here are Mike and Lindsay finding us some Golden Delicious!
An apple just Lindsay's size!

Just a breath taking view...

Graison and Caylin getting a taste...sorry Missy...didn't mean to cut you out.
My attempts at being artistic...

Graison's daddy Anthony climbing up higher to find the GOOD STASH!

A beautiful Golden that we couldn't reach. I was using my zoom to take this photo.
Unfortunately due to the Easter Freeze we had a lot of the crops are dead. All the orchards have to pick are Rome Beauties but we did find these Golden's in the far section of the orchard. We only took a few and they were so sweet & delicious.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Sorry again for the long post but I hope you enjoyed seeing our fun day. We've had two really good weekends of outings so we'll be staying close to home this weekend.
Donna & Pat we miss you already. For those of you that don't know Donna had to go to South Carolina for surgery and we're not sure when she'll be home. We'll be posting lots of shout outs on the blog for you since you have your laptop with you.
Love you!!!


Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE these pics! BJ Reese was a nice orchard, but Hillcrest looks awesome, we have to go there sometime! I do love Graison's curls so much (jealous) and the girls looked adorable! Anthony is a good Daddy for climbing those trees, LOL! Looks like you all had a blast! Makes me jealous for some sign of Fall down here...

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. Kade's preschool class took a field trip there last year and it was so much fun. A great place for kids. The only problem was all the yellow jackets that were buzzing around.

Katy S. said...

What a fun place! It looks like you all had a great time. Linds is just too cute. Too bad on the Moonshine :-)!!