Saturday, September 29, 2007

Off To Denver!

My neice Melinda is moving from Orlando to Denver! Her and her twin brother Ed are driving her there this weekend. They made a stop in Atlanta last night and these are pics of Lindsay and I meeting them off I-75 this morning for breakfast. I can't believe MELINDA the beach girl, the girl who says ATLANTA is TOO COLD, is moving to DENVER! Seriously? Well, I'm very proud of her because it's a huge decision to pack up and move to a state you barely know. I know this because I did it in 1991 when I moved to Atlanta and I was younger than she is now. I hope your new adventure brings you much happiness and enriches your life as much as mine did for me! I can't wait to come visit you out there!!!
Melinda helps Lindsay practice her walking!
Lindsay woke up with a 101.8 fever this morning but it's from her MMR shot (according to the doctor on the phone this morning) so we couldn't miss an opportunity to see Melinda and Ed while they were passing through. Denver is NOT an 8 hour car ride.
This is Elmer. He is Melinda's dog and let me tell you he LOVES to walk himself!
Well, we tried to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera. Not gonna happen. It was pretty interesting that while we were outside eating (Sonic serves breakfast, did ya'll know that? And is doggie friendly!) several people approached us with the "oh my goodness, what a cute...DOG". Elmer STOLE the show from Lindsay. One group of people that were walking by (they were training for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk) stopped and goo'd over the dog for like ten minutes. They didn't even NOTICE Lindsay. This cracked me up because trust me my kid gets attention where ever she goes. I was like "yeah, she's 15 months" and then I heard "cute dog" and I was like Holy Moly...they're talking about the dog!!!!!!!!! Even Melinda and I had a laugh together over that. She was like "HEY, didn't you see we have a BABY here too". I thought how funny is that. Lindsay got upstaged by Elmer. I have to say he is a SWEET boy and such a good dog. Too bad his breed has such a bad rap because Melinda has to be careful where she takes him. People are typically afraid of this type dog. Anyway, it certainly made me chuckle and Lindsay didn't seem to care that she wasn't the center of attention today (for once).
I love my baby neice! We're ten years apart. I was 10 when they were born and these were my practice kids. Little did I know I wouldn't have one of my own for another 25 years. GOOD GRIEF I'm aging myself. I owe them a Happy Birthday Shout Out too as Melinda & Ed turned 27 on September 24! Their sister Mary turned 26 on August 18 too! I missed all those birthdays on the blog. Sorry guys!
Go Speed Racer!! Publix provides way too many photo ops for us!
Me and my cool nephew! Not a bad self photo! Melinda is going to set up a blog to keep us informed of her new life in Denver. It should be interesting. I think she should title it Beach babe moves to the land of BLIZZARDS! Once her blog is set I'll post her link.

It's was great to see you both! Love you!


Tara said...

Glad you got to visit with your niece and nephew. I hope her move goes well. Denver would be way too cold for me.

Anonymous said...

Denver is soooo beautiful! I bet she will love it. Best wishes to her. and great pictures. That dog looks so sweet! love the name Elmer. is that after Elmer's glue 'cuz he white like glue? just wonderin'.....:)

MBKimmy said...

Glad you got to see them ... Denver is awesome ... lots of hiking todo there ...
maybe you can visit in WARM weather!

Love the dog! Good luck to your cousin!

Chris said...

Ha!ha! Katie. Actually he was named after her granddad. Melinda got him shortly after he passed away.

Kimmie Kay said...

Best of luck to Melinda in Denver...good for her! Tell her, Mary and Ed that I say Hello. Just for the record, Elmer IS cute, but Lindsay is CUTER, LOL! :)