Monday, August 20, 2007

Potential Baby Bib Recall

FYI for those of you who have kids still in bibs. I have 10 of the affected bibs. I'm SUPER PEEVED about this and these are my absolute FAVE bibs! Not too mention my kids been wearing them daily since she was about 5 months.

This is not an official recall yet. However, Babies R US have taken them off the shelves and are refunding them. I am taking all of mine back tomorrow. Anyone have any good suggestions of bibs that ARE NOT made in CHINA? Maybe some LEAD FREE bibs???? Just COLOR ME LIVID over this!!! Click on the below link to read more.

Lead in Bibs


Andrea said...

David refuses to wear a bib-he pulls them off-thanks for the info! My dad refuses to buy anything "made in china"-now I know why!

Tara said...

Well we have one of these. I just read on the TRU/BRU website that you can return them for a full refund. I'll be doing that soon.

Chris said...

Yeah Andrea I'm with your's very hard to do that though.

I went to BRU and returned 8 bibs this evening. They give you store credit but that's fine. It's not like I don't shop there. I made back 22.00

Heather said...

Luckily Laney will only wear the cloth bibs and the recall is just for vinyl.

Stephanie823 said...

I'm going to take mine back all discolored and covered in food. I am also LIVID.

Anonymous said...

The lead issue in baby products is appalling! I am so done with China manufactured goods.

If you want a great bib that's made in the USA with safe, high quality materials, check out the Big Bellies bib available at They are the only bibs we use at our house, and they REALLY hold up - I know that my next baby will be able to enjoy them too (and they'll still look just as cute!).