Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ice Cream, Shopper's Delight & Halloween all in one post!

Lindsay has her first taste of ice cream sandwich! (OK so it's weight watcher's but it's still good)
At first she was picking off all the chocolate sandwich part and eating it by itself.
Notice we have no effing BIB...don't get me started.
I think she enjoyed it, what do you think?
After our bath we tried on the 8$ Halloween costume I got on consignment yesterday!
Can you tell what my biggest challenge is going to be on Halloween???? hmmmm????
So we aren't fond of the hat yet. That's ok, we'll work on it. I love this little black cat witch costume. It's last years costume from The Children's Place and I've been watching it on Ebay for a week or so. All the auctions are at least upwards of 15-20$ and higher. I got the costume including the wand and tights for 8$$$$$$ SUPER STOKED!

So shopping went great! Got there at 9:15 walked right in, no waiting in the heat. Shopped til 11:45 and then stood in line til 1:30ish. Not too bad and the line moved quickly. I hardly had time to weed and look through the books and toys. I also scored another toddler rocker for 6$ (for Aunt Patti's house) and a rocking horse for 15$ that is actually going to be from SANTA! Thank you Christi for shopping in the big stuff building for me so I could jump on the clothes section! After the consignment we hit the Children's Place outlet at Discover Mills and scored feet pajamas for 1.99 each! (don't bother ladies they're all GONE now) and of course hit the Carter's store for some more clearance stuff. However, you can't beat the consignment prices, except maybe the 1.99 pj's. That was pure shopper's high!

Lindsay is set for the winter now. Let's just hope I'm betting right and she grows into her 24 month outfits. Otherwise I'll have to put her on the rack and stretch her a bit. (just kiddin' people, don't call defacs)

My last item on the shopping agenda was to take back the offending bibs to BRU. That was much more painless than I thought it would be. They took all of them back and gave me a store credit. OF course the bibs that I wanted to get to replace the recall bibs were sold out. It appears great minds DO think alike and I missed out on that deal. In the mean time I'm saying screw it and going thru the spray-n-wash like water. I have bibsters for the really messy stuff. It's that or become Stepford Mom and wipe her mouth between every bite....NOT!

Happy Thursday Bloggers...the weekend is just around the bend! WOOHOO!


Tara said...

I took our one bib back today. Cute costume. The hat is really nice, hopefully she'll wear it. You definitely have some time to get her used to it.

Caron said...

Hey, I just blogged about the sale too! Love the costume! I didn't see that one there... it's precious and you can't beat the $8 price tag!! I am addicted to ebay also. Hey, when you're finished with the costume ebay it and just might actually make your money back plus some!! Glad you had a fun day!!

Andrea said...

You don't know how glad I am that someone else feeds their kids weight watcher food! David LOVES the 1 pt. cakes.

We must have just missed each other yesterday. I got there probably right when you finished shopping and stood in line.

Chris said...

I figure it's not going to hurt her. When I'm having something she wants it too. I've been drinking protein shakes and that's been hard. I have to sneak them around her b/c obviously they can't have that high concentration of protein at their age. It's funny though...don't let her see you with food and not share. Oh there's heck to pay!!

Caron said...

OMG!! I love those 1 pt cakes myself!! The lemon is my fave!!! She sure didn't seem to mind that it was Weight Watchers ice cream... I wouldn't feel bad a bit!

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE the costume and the sale sounds go bargain shopper! :)

Anonymous said...

Love, love the costume. I alrady have Morgan's bought too.....but I pd more than your awesome $8 unfortunatley. Me & Bethany were thinking about going to the sale Friday.....we were wondering if they still had anything by then.

The lemon WW cakes are my fav's too!

Anonymous said...


Stephanie823 said...

I have not returned my bibs yet - I collected 8 of them between me and Mom... I did buy new bibs yesterday at USA baby... all made in the USA. So there! I'm afraid I will be inspecting EVERYTHING from now on and not buying anything made in China. Mom was telling me today they were mentioned that some children's BOOKS had high lead concentration.