Monday, August 20, 2007

Saturday 8/18

Went to a baby shower on Saturday for a co worker at the Foster House in Cumming. It was super nice and here she is with her 2 year old daughter. Doesn't mom to be look FABULOUS? She's due end of next month and the top she's wearing is not even maternity!
It's A BOY! This was some YUMMY cake! I actually got a SUGAR HIGH in less than 5 minutes of eating the tiniest piece!
Here is the hostess with the mostess (on the left) with the niece of the mom to be. The hostess and her mom I should say put together the shower. These girls were like peanut butter and jelly! They wanted me to include that this photo was taken in the ladies room. Yes, there was a chaise in the ladies room. It was really quite popular!
Later in the day... Check me gave me the WHOLE Popsicle!
Mommy loves this photo of me because she thinks I'm looking just a wee bit cross eyed!
Another infamous TONGUE shot! P.S. Lindsay is 14 months today!

Lindsay and I had a busy weekend. So did Daddy just his was not as fun (he was working).
We were double booked Saturday. Lindsay went to visit grandma & grandpa while I went to the shower and then Lindsay and I attended a first birthday party for one of her little friends from daycare. What a packed day!
Sunday was a clean, do laundry and grocery shopping day and then we zipped up to Ellijay for dinner with Aunt Pat and Uncle Steve!

Lindsay seems to be doing much better as of late. Her teeth are still trying to come through but she's been in much better spirits, especially in the evenings. She still is not walking and seems to really not have an interest. She has been practicing standing up from a sit with nothing to hold on to. I have seen her do it several times now. Maybe something will click soon and she'll just take off. Heaven help us when she does!

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off go to the MOTHER OF ALL CONSIGNMENT SALES! I can't wait!!! Time to shop for winter clothes and maybe a few Christmas goodies. I'm stoked because my shopping bud (Missy) and I usually hit Discover Mills afterward (I LOVE THAT MALL) and have lunch and do a little more shopping! I'll try to take some pics this time of the craziness that is the Kidsignments sale. It's FUN to bargain hunt once you've been a few times it gets downright addicting!

So here's to TUESDAY being SHOP DAY and NO WORK FOR ME! Trust me, after my Monday I could use tomorrow off. Sometimes you just need a break from your co-workers...ya know??
Anyhoo....let's not open that can of worms on an open forum.

That's it for me tonight Bloggers. I'm off to go catch up with some of you!


Anonymous said...

Sound like a great day!! Hope you find lots of goddies at the consignment sale.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, I am green with envy. I had emailed Beth the link to this one. We love to consignment sale shop! We couldn't believe how HUGE it was. Enjoy it enough for all of us....

Anonymous said...

The baby mama looks beautiful! Glad you had fun at the shower and you enjoy your day off today! get lots of good deals, girl. i know all too well about needing breaks from co-workers. haha! :)

Andrea said...

Maybe I'll see you there?!?!

Caron said...

Ah man, Chris! I totally could have gotten to meet you face to face today! I was workin' it at 9:00 myself! I may have passed you and never even realized it! I didn't get your post until now and had no idea you were going. Ha! I did see Andrea there! She took a pic of us together... I looked like total crap, but hey... it was hot as all get out. I shopped last night and got tons of stuff... but I'll blog about all that tonight, pics and all!!! I hope you had fun... oh and I am with you... TOTALLY addicted! I work volunteer there every sale!

Chris said...

I may have to volunteer one year. I bet the night before you got lots of good stuff!
I spent 196.10 myself on mostly clothes, a few toys and about 20$ worth of books. I also scored a rocking horse and another toddler rocker to take up to my sister's house. I'm POOPED!

Kimmie Kay said...

Have fun tomorrow! Looks like Linds loves Popsicles, cute. :)