Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday Night Party Night

Friday night we were invited to a big get together at my sis n law's parents house. There were lots of kids there! Her sister Jessica has three girls under the age of three and one on the way! Here is Lindsay's BFF Graison and her big sis Caylin.
My fave pic of Graison! What a cutie!
Caylin and Derek have a sort of love/hate affair. Young love at 8 & 9 years old!
Lindsay and Graison enjoying some chocolate chip cookies. You can really SEE G enjoying her cookie. ha!ha!
Daddy getting in on the cookie action!
Adam discovered the porch swing!
Aunt Helen with Lindsay & Jessica's daughter Zoe. Linds & Zoe are just two months apart and really are cute together. Zoe is SUCH a snuggle bug!
"I don't have to be good. I'm Cute"
In our PJ's just before heading home.

I liked this pic. I have no idea who took it. This is Caylin. I call it "TALK TO THE HAND"
We had a fun time on Friday night. There were so many people over I didn't even come close to taking pics of everyone. Saturday we went to Caylin's 9th birthday party. A pool party at her house. Lindsay has had a packed weekend. I'll post more pics from Saturday tomorrow.
Right now Lindsay is DONE with breakfast and letting me know she's ready to play! I also have to go get ready for my lunch date with my man!
Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Caylin & Derek are always so cute to watch interacting! It looks like a fun get together. Tell Agatha's mom good luck and she'll be in my prayers! Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your date! Great pictures! looks like you had an awesome weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

okay- i just reread this. jessica has THREE kids under the age of 3 and one on the way?! whoa. i am impressed. i am tired just thinking about that. :)

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE that photo of Graison...can I have a copy printed out? Looks like Linds had a blast playing with all of the kids and her jammies are adorable. :)

Chris said...

Katie- Yes,actually her oldest just turned 4 in May, then a 2 year old and a 16 month old and she's due with number four (not finding out the sex)at the end of September! I give the girl kudos! She's a super mom and she's got to be exhausted right now!
Kim-Sure I'll send you a print. You're really going to want some prints of the next post...G & L in the bath together!