Sunday, August 12, 2007

Camp Nana & Poppy

On Friday afternoon Mike took Lindsay to his parents house for a play date with Derek and Adam. The boys haven't started school yet so they were spending the week at "camp Nana & Poppy" while their mom started back to school already. The boys had been asking for Lindsay all week.Derek and Linds playing with her garden house.

"Pick me up, Adam"
Lindsay's learning how to drive already. (I'm not supposed to mention her dress is on backwards) Shhhhh!!!!
Derek & Daddy took all of these photos. I was at work during this playdate. I think Derek took this shot. I think it's another Posh Beckham Spice whatever her name is expression. Ha!ha!
I love my Cousin!

The boys are so good with Lindsay. I really like this photo.
What a pair!

Derek explains to Lindsay how to play with this toy.
Adam shows Lindsay how to play with the "boy stuff"!

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Derek and Lindsay looking at each other. Lindsay has some great cousins!