Sunday, August 12, 2007


WOOHOO! I have to say I love weekends like these! I feel so empowered! I worked out, partied with my friends, went to one of my fave restaurants and the movies on a date with my husband AND still managed to get TWO loads of laundry done today! I ROCK!

Hubs and I went to see Transformers. I let him pick. I have to say I really liked this movie. Wives, if you want to make brownie points with your man take him to see this movie. He'll think you're making a sacrifice for him but you'll really enjoy it! Don't get me wrong, he TOTALLY owes me a trip to see HAIRSPRAY, but I enjoyed it!

Anyhoo, the babe is down for the count and I'm heading to do the same. Hope everyone has a great Monday. I've got pool party pics to post tomorrow!



Andrea said...

I agree that it feels go to get a lot accomplished on the makes the week days go that much smoother.

I've heard that about the transformer movie and still I say, really? You can't be serious.

Anonymous said...

girl, i have not seen a movie in a theater without joe in soooooo long. my husband and i need to do this too. it sounds like you had a blast all weekend. i'll look for some pool partay pics! have a great monday!

Chris said...

You and Paulie soooo need to get out to a movie girl. It was great!