Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The scoop on poop (sorry no photos)

I haven't been feeling well and I went to the doc today and he asked me "how aggressive" did I want to be in treating this crud (sinusitis). I said VERY because I can't miss anymore work til vacation and this is RIDICULOUS! He gave me some steroids and today was like a double dose and now I'm WIRED, albeit feeling much better already. So, tomorrow I'll just be tired and not sick....or sick and tired...we'll see. I've been wanting to blog about a funny experience we had (well, not so funny at the time) this weekend. In reference to other bloggers "poop stories" I have my own to share.

On Saturday evening my husband left the house for a Prom Charter without giving the dogs a respectable walk. If you remember it was a nasty, stormy night. I was out late on my playdate with Missy and Graison. Now, Freckles our border collie FREAKS when it storms. The standard Op procedure around here is to close off bedrooms and the hall bath when we know it's going to rain as she likes to get in the bathtub or under things she can't exactly get out from under again later. Darling hubby whom I LOVE...did none of this. Yes, I know he was in a hurry and going to work....but still it's a doggie world around here and standard ops were neglected.
I came home to a puddle by the door...ok no big. But then was hit with a terrible smell. As I searched for the poop I knew was somewhere I realized Freckles was in the bathtub. Max was giving me the "oh, uh uh don't look at me I didn't do it....this time" and rushed off to his "spot".
I walked in the bath to find Freckles in the tub and it looked like there had been a Mud wrestling show and she lost. Except, it wasn't MUD....UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! I can't blog about the phone call my hubby then received. It would look something like this !@#$%^&*!!!!! !@#$%^&*()@#$%^. As I said it was late and I was trying to get Lindsay settled, changed and down for the night so I closed off the dog and left her to her "mud" bath and finished getting the baby down. Mike was a trooper and came home after his charter and spent the better part of the night/morning cleaning my bathroom, bathing the dog and washing the hall floors. I failed to mention above that Lindsay's bath tub was inside said Muddy bath tub so her stuff and toys were COVERED as well. This was the part that freaked my freak! So Mike I LOVE you for cleaning and disinfecting all that mess. I could not have done it. So you ask, what's the funny part??? Fast forward to Sunday morning. Lindsay needed a bath before we were off to Zoe's birthday. Daddy had everything all clean for us (thank goodness) but mommy still had mental images of poop horror and it was HARD to put her in that tub even though I knew it was disinfected and RE-disinfected by daddy. As I was just washing Lindsay's hair I see, wait for it....floating POOP. She pooped in the tub for the first time ever! That day of all days! I could have died. So of course you know I yelled "DAAAADDDYYYYY!!!!!" When he saw the poop in the tub I think it was something like "You've got to be kidding me?" Lindsay of course smiled her huge gummy grin thinking DADDY must be PROUD OF ME!
I took that cue to put her in the big tub rinse her down and leave daddy for the clean up...again.
(I know, not fair but someone had to dress the baby). As you might imagine it was VERY tempting to take photos for this post but I just couldn't go there. I have to say that Mike was VERY good about coming home and cleaning up the mess. He did feel badly about it and certainly never expected Freckles to have that kind of an episode. I have no idea what we're going to do with her. It seems that the storm episodes are getting worse and worse. If anyone has any ideas for this please feel free to comment. She's an old girl (14) so she sort of does her own thing these days and we're just supposed to deal with it. So that's our poop story. Hopefully we won't have any others til it's really time for potty training. Thank you daddy you were a real trooper! Love you man!


Anonymous said...

okay, i am laughing at the thought of that dog in the bathtub with the poop all over! like i am trying to picture his expression when you walked in and busted him!! haha! funny story, girl. :)

MBKimmy said...

Chris - hey this is KimmyK ... you left a comment on my page yesterday ... Your Daughter is ADORABLE! I will be 1 year behind you so I will be looking for updates on how to handle difficult days ... keep me posted ... hope you are feeling better!
Nice to meet you!

Chris said...

Katie-yes you laugh but you don't have "smellavision"'s one of those stories that is only funny a few days later. LOL!

KimmyK-Thanks for checking in. Good luck with your baby and I'll be keeping in touch. It's fun to look to the more experienced moms for some help. That's another good thing about these blogs. I still have lots of questions. I'm getting over the solid food hump now and looking toward the WALKING thing. SCARY! Talk to you soon.

Stephanie823 said...

Atleast it was contained in the bathtub, right? I mean, what if it was all over your couch????!!!!! I would have packed up and MOVED!

Chris said...

I know!! I thought about that. You're right. Thankfully when she cowered in the bathtub she stayed there! Oh, and we bought a new leather couch right before we had the baby and I seriously would have DIED!