Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some great pics from an email...

Mike thinks these two kids look like me and him. Funny eh? They kind of do. This is us in June when we go to Myrtle Beach. We even have chairs that look like these. Too funny!
Warm Fuzzy for the day!! NOTE: NOT MY BABY!
I got this photo in an email today and I just love it.

Totally not my kid but it's so cute.

Just wanted to tell everyone that STEROIDS rock. I feel GREAT! I didn't sleep worth anything last night and I'm still up tonight but I feel GREAT! WOOHOO.

I totally need to go to bed. Please let me sleep tonight. :)

I thought I'd take a tylenol PM but I don't have any.

I'm making the commute to Cumming tomorrow. On tap for the weekend is MS WALK on Saturday and BBQ party on the new deck at Donna's house.

Sunday will be some stuff around the house and a drop into work for a few hours in the morning. I'm making up some hours and trying to finish up a project that has been suffering since I've been working at two locations for the last month.

Happy Friday to all--Hooray for a nice weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. That second one is awesome! Glad you are enjoying the steroids, girl! Happy Friday to ya!