Sunday, April 1, 2007

Easter/9month photo shoot (11am-4pm no kidding)

This is one photo we did not purchase. Not Mike's favorite. He thinks it doesn't really look like Lindsay. I thought it was cute but I could live without it.
This is one of my fave's of the day. Her eyes really pop in this photo.
This was the first pose we shot. After this we had a melt down and had to go drive for an hour and take a nap. They had us come back at 12:40 so we got her to sleep, got Frosty's and parked in the BRU parking lot and proceeded to wait and pray for a happier baby.
Prayers weren't really answered here. We didn't purchase this one either.
This one we really liked. It's a sweet expression and although it would have been better with one of her big cheesin' grins it's not bad.
Liked this one too. We used it in a montage and took a close up of her face.
Ok...not sure which time we took this one. The photographer was desperate to get her to look over her shoulder so we could sort of get the back of the hat and dress. Suffice to say that you didn't want to see her face here because she was crying. However, it's a pretty picture without the face so we used it in another "Easter Montage". We wanted to show off her hat. It used to have a pink ribbon in it and Grandma put a lavender one in for us. It's the only picture that shows this off. I think we took a break and drank half a bottle after this. (Lindsay did that is..formula. Mommy and Daddy wanted something stronger.)
Well, this one we're back to poopy face and we're sticking out the tongue. We didn't buy this one either. The great thing about Kiddie Kandids was we did really get a lot of pics out of this shoot. We did a lot with borders and what they call montages. We were happy with what we got but it was hard to get it. I had no interest in trying another day this week. I have way too busy of a week to be going through all this again. I do have to say Mike was a trooper and offered to bring her during the day while I was at work and let me go back to pick the photos. He also took care of the massive "blowout" she had while I was trying to decide what to buy! GO DADDY! Thankfully the blowout was not in the Easter dress. WHEW! WHAT A DAY!


Anonymous said...

OK, LOVE THESE!!! They are a close second to the angel pics of my fave professional shots so far. The dress and hat are precious! Sure hope Auntie Kim will get one of Mommy's faves (hint hint), LOL! Happy Easter Little Miss Lindsay Cecile! :)

Katy S. said...

They were all so cute!! It is so hard to decide what pictures to pick out! Where are you having them done??

Anonymous said...

Man, she takes a great photo. i love all of them! We always used Kiddie Kandids too and i like their work. Lindsay is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I could just eat her up! They are awesome!!!

Becky said...

I took Patrick to get Easter pictures with a bunny when he was a year old. It didn't take five hours but it was still miserable. Now I just go to Walmart. It cost $8 and takes 30 minutes.

Those are really cute pictures, though!

Tara said...

The pics are great. I can't wait to see what you did with them.