Sunday, April 1, 2007

Watermelon COOL and JUICY!

Lindsay had Watermelon for the first time tonight. We went to this AWESOME chinese buffet in Kennesaw (we had to pig out after hours of picture taking). They had Lindsay size slices on the buffet so we decided to try it. She really, REALLY liked it.
This is some SERIOUS must have felt great on her top gums.
Thanks BABY! Do you think we got one smile anywhere even CLOSE to this today at the photo shoot? Nope...but I guess since we weren't willing to let her eat watermelon in her Easter Dress it wasn't gonna happen.
Lindsay was truly excited when the waitress included her in the fortune cookie delivery! Nothing is better than one for each hand!
"Ok, you can have one. I'll share!"
What a sweetie. Lindsay didn't get to eat her cookie but she did ask us to read her fortune to her. "Confusious say you better smile next time mother and father fork out over 100.00 dollar for photo."


Anonymous said...

What a great teething idea, everyone loves watermelon and sure looks like Linds did too...adorable!

Katy S. said...

Great idea I will have to remember that one. The best pictures are the ones taken at home!!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorites of her! The red really makes her eyes pop! She's just gorgeous Chris!