Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Back!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here is a picture of Lindsay in a funny hat we found at Babies R Us a few weeks ago. Mike took this on his camera phone which is why it's a tad blury.
Batter Up!
This is a GREAT teether mom!
Trying to crawl
I'm standing too with a little help...check out my shamrock socks!
Mommy's fave picture from the weekend (even with the paci)

Here are some Ellijay pics. Lindsay is having a great time spending the night with Aunt Patti tonight. Mike and I were able to grab some dinner and do a few things around the house sans baby. Lindsay seems to be teething again. The nose is on constant drip and she's putting anything and everything into her mouth and chewing. Maybe we'll be seeing the top two teeth in the near future?
The weekend just flew by for us. I can't believe we're starting another week already. Tomorrow is my neice KALEY'S birthday. HAPPY 12th Birthday KALEY! Hope you had a great party today.
On another note for those of my Blogger Buddies that are American Idol Junkies check out my new Links section. The link I added has some pretty funny Sanjaya stuff from last week. Since we're stuck with him in the top ten we may as well have a good laugh!
I also have a link to my hubby's website if anyone is interested in a limo anytime soon.
Check it out! For those "foodies" out there check out CHEF AND THE FAT MAN TOO!
Ok...I'm done with my shameless plugs for my friends and family. Have a great week!


Tara said...

Glad you got the links under control now. Glad you and Linds had a good time.

Chris said...

Thanks for your help Tara! Hope you guys had a good trip too.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! My fave is the last one too. and may i say that i love your kitchen countertops! i am so obsessed with wanting to re-do our kitchen and your countertops are just beautiful! maybe if we win the lotto's hopin'. :)

Chris said...

Thanks! Uh yeah, that's my SISTER'S kitchen. Her whole house is FABULOUS! My kitchen counter tops TOTALLY need to be ripped out and redone. I'm with ya's hoping on the LOTTERY!

Anonymous said...

Kaley says thanks for the Birthday shout out Auntie Chris!!!! :)
Looks like you and Linds had a great time in Ellijay. Ourfave is the last pic too, hope those teeth pop out soon!

Becky said...

Ben's nose is running for the second time in a month too...unfortunately, I am pretty sure it's not teeth. :(