Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lindsay's Weekend Plans

I'm going where for St. Patrick's weekend?
YAY!! Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve's house!!!
SHUT UP, it's Aunt Patti's BIRTHDAY TOO!!!
That calls for an outfit change! I'm so sweetly wishing you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY on mommy's blog. We'll see you tomorrow night!
Here's my Standing Ovation for your birthday!


Katy S. said...

Happy St. Pat's Day!! The outfits are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

she's beyond adorable at this point! simply stunning. I love those st. patty's day outfits!!! see,can you understand why i wanted a girl? hehe. :)

Chris said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, the whole dress up thing is SO much fun. I bought the long sleeve onsie this year and Graison's mommy passed down the dress! May as well get away with hand me downs while she doesn't care! LOL!
Thanks for your comments. I was quite pleased with the way this post turned out if I don't say so myself! :)

Tara said...

Party on, Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

LOVIN' the standing ovation shot - MUST HAVE!!! What a doll! And she looks so much bigger standing up - it's only a matter of time...she'll be walking before you know it! Happy B-Day Patti!!!