Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Night Blues

Lindsay was sick today at daycare. We got the call around 9:30 that she didn't keep her breakfast down. She ended up taking a nap so I didn't have to go get her til she had more issues after that. I brought her home this afternoon and did the pedialite thing and she seemed much better at dinner time. I fed her what I thought would be least "ick" if she got sick and we did another dose of her antibiotic. She's down for the count now and seems to be doing ok. I really hope this ear thing clears up already!

My prediction on Cup of Joe came true....BYE, BYE Chris Sligh....oh well, it should have been Sanjaya but we all knew it wasn't happening. Does anyone think this kid might win? Really? UGH.

Tomorrow is another long day. As long as Linds doesn't do poorly tomorrow I'm off to a market research study after work that pays 75.00! WOOHOO...that will buy lots of pictures at the photo shoot on Sunday. It's a "first time mom's survey" and that's all I know about it. Should be interesting.

Maybe it's because Linds hasn't been feeling well but I just feel sort of blahsy, bluesy...weepy even. No clue, it's not a time I should be feeling like this. I hate that she's not well and her ears are bothering her. Here's hoping the tylenol let's her sleep tonight.

Time to hit the bed myself. Thanks for all the well wishes for Lindsay. I'm sure she'll be doing much better tomorrow.


Tara said...

I really hope she gets feeling better soon. I know you need a break from the sickness woes. I hope to see you on Friday. Let me know if plans change.

Anonymous said...

sorry about Lindsay not feeling well. i have felt kinda bluesy myself lately! i think it's becuz this season of Idol sucks hard core. i'm over it. chris needed to go for sure. anyway, hope lindsay is getting to feeling better really soon! have a great day! :)

Chris said...

Thanks guys! I hear you about idol...this season bites!