Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 30, 2007- Dear Derek

Dear Derek,
This is one of my favorite pictures of you. This picture was taken at your first birthday party. Uncle Mike and I wanted to say HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY via the blog because you are such a special boy! When you were born in 1999 Uncle Mike and I had only known each other about seven months. We went to meet you in the hospital and Mike was so excited to be an uncle for the first time! I could not know for sure that I would marry Mike but I hoped that I would and I claimed you as my nephew that first day I saw you!

This is Mike's favorite picture of you and him together. I do believe it was your first time in the Hummer limo as well.

Here you are June 15, 2002 as our precious ring bearer. You did such a great job! I cherish this picture of you, it truly is a favorite. What a handsome thing you were in that tuxedo!

Derek and his brother Adam fooling around at the zoo. Do you remember your trips to the zoo with us? We always have such a good time. I hope that you can come with us when we take Lindsay soon!

What a proud cousin! You worked very hard to sing Lindsay to sleep that day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! We hope you have a great day and a fun time at the beach for spring break. We'll see you when you get back!


Uncle Mike, Aunt Chris & Lindsay


Anonymous said...

such a sweet post, chris! what great big cousins your nephews are to Lindsay! Love the pic of derek with your hubby in the limo!

Becky said...

My favorite is the first one...very cute! Happy birthday Derek.

Anonymous said...

That was very sweet! I'm sure he'll love that, you're a good Aunt! :)