Tuesday, March 27, 2007

9 month Check up!

Hello all-

Lindsay had her 9 month check up today. NO SHOTS!! YAY! She got a toe prick to check her hemoglobin and she almost made it thru that with no tears. It was sort of a delayed reaction. But, I handled it ok. Much better than her shots and my reaction is all that matters...Ha!ha! Just kidding.
Hemoglobin was good. Weight was 20 lbs on the nose (she was 16# 10oz at her 6 month) and she is 27 inches long (up from 25 3/4 at 6 months). All in all she is good and healthy! HOWEVER, the darn double ear infection is back. Soooo, we're on the THIRD round of ten day antibiotics. We'll bring her back to the doc the Monday after Easter and if the ears are not finally cleared up she will get a shot. A few others have told me that the shot will clear it up in 48 hrs so although I'm hoping to not need it...BRING IT ON. This is getting old! I knew something was up with her when she did not drink her bedtime bottle last night. She also refused it tonight as well.

That's about all I have for tonight. I've been commuting to Cumming this week helping out at another office so I'm tired. Hope all my blog readers are having a good week. Many of you are counting the days for Spring Break...hang in there! Wish I was "breaking" next week myself.

Good night from the Bresnan's!


Anonymous said...

i am glad Lindsay's check-up went so well! but sorry about the ears! Joe had chronic ear infections at that age. we finally had to get him the tubes which worked great.
Idol was a bummer last nite, eh? and i have been watching Dancing with the Stars too. as a former recovering N*Sync fan, i like JOey Fatone a lot. and i really liked Paulina-bummed to see her go yesterday. i thought she had such a great attitude and sense of humor. Barbie and Ken needed to get to steppin' in my opinion! have a great day!

Becky said...

Poor Lindsay...like Katie, I thought of tubes too...has the doc mentioned them?

Chris said...

Well, we haven't been talked to about Tubes just yet. This is only her second ear infection. However both of them have taken more than one round of antibiotics to clear them up. I'm prepared for that down the road though if it comes to that. UGH!