Thursday, March 15, 2007

Christmas in March!

Lindsay's new Ball Popper that she got for Christmas from Uncle Paul & Aunt Agatha! does this thing work? we go! I really like this!
Action shot! Check out that blue ball!
Where did they all go???
Don't you just love this age? The age that you can put away a toy at Christmas and pull it out in March and they'll never know the difference? Now that Lindsay is sitting and reaching so well we thought she'd really enjoy this. We were right! Thanks Paul and Agatha! These pictures are from last Saturday March 10. Lindsay got up bright and early on this particular morning. The morning after mommy and daddy had their first Friday night date night in ages. So....we pulled out the old Ball Popper and played on the floor until it was a more respectable hour. So far we have had a lot of fun with this toy every time we have played with it. Lindsay loves to take the balls off the second tray before they can pop back out. She usually holds them two at a time.
The only thing about this toy is we have to play it on the floor where there is carpeting because those balls go everywhere and mommy and daddy are the only ones that retreive them right now. :)


Anonymous said...

Joe loved this toy at her age!! It's a really cool toy! i enjoyed it myself. and great photography there!!

Becky said...

Patrick got ones of these around 9 mos. and was scared to freakin' death of it!!! I don't think he played with it until he was well over two. What can I say? He's very sensitive. ;)

Pics in the above post are very cute!