Thursday, March 15, 2007


Hello all-

I tried to post some new photos last night and I lost everything I had been working on for an hour. I gave up and went to bed. Oh well. I have my photos all uploaded and will try again tonight from home.

For all those who have been checking in, Lindsay is doing much better this week on the new antibiotic. We're looking forward to a trip up to Ellijay this weekend to spend some time with her Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve. After all the craziness the past two weeks we're ready to head for the fresh MOUNTAIN AIR!

Stay tuned for more pics tonight....


Anonymous said...

ahhh, don't you hate that!!!? was it blogger? 'cuz i'll come kick some blogger tail if you need me to, girl!
So glad your sweet Lindsay is feeling better!!!

Katy S. said...

I had the same trouble. Then again I am still learning new stuff everyday.