Friday, February 9, 2007


Too busy and tired to post last night. Not a lot of good Blog material either. I'm thrilled it's Friday and ready for the weekend. I would like to say that I have a milestone moment to share today...I'm wearing PRE-PREGNANCY dress pants for the first time today!! I'm very happy about this because it took me quite some time to get my head back in gear to eat right and exercise. Everyone says that it takes a good 9 months to a year to feel "normal" again so maybe I'm doing ok and just being hard on myself. I re-joined weight watchers Jan 2 and I'm doing great. I've lost every week so far and I feel like I am back in control of my habits.

I still have a few pounds of baby weight to go but I've been trying on this same pair of pants every few weeks or so and I'm finally comfortable enough in them to wear them to work!
(We won't talk about pre-pregnancy jeans yet but it will happen). I ran for the first time yesterday in ages and it felt great! My short term goals are to be back in the majority of my closet by spring so I have some clothes to wear and to hit my 10% at weight watchers by the end of April! I'm well on my way and if I can get the running thing going it will really help that happen faster. I'm signed up for 6 race/walks in April and May so I am trying to build my endurance up now so those don't kill me.

It's a never ending battle but I definitely did not want to get pregnant again without getting all the Lindsay weight off (and then some). We have short term goals involved with that too so I don't have a lot of time to play around. (2008 baby maybe?)

On a side note, Lindsay is doing great so far. No signs of Roseola. She was in a GREAT mood yesterday and it seems that the teeth are giving her a break now too. Maybe we'll be in a good place for a few weeks til the top teeth start coming in.

Happy Weekend everyone and I'm looking to get some critter pictures up this weekend!


Anonymous said...

good for you, girl! that's awesome! i am impressed!

Tara said...

Yay for the dress pants! 6 run/walks? Which ones? If you are doing the March of Dimes, I won't be there with you. That's a hard one. I'll do some of the shorter ones though.

Chris said...

I'm doing MOD 4/14 in Cherokee (it's only 3.0 miles if you want to come out) then the MS walk 4/21 which place is still TBA but it's usually Piedmont Park. Then 4/28 the Atlanta MOD then in May I'm doing back to back weekends at Atlantic Station 5/12 is Komen race and 5/18 is Walk for Autism.
If you go to community connection at work you can see the fliers with the lengths most are 5K. MS you can usually do two passes thru to make a 10k and it's pretty flat.
Let me know...I'd LOVE for you and Evan to join Lindsay and I.