Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Playing at the Park

Lindsay has a blast on the slides at the park.
Today was such a beautiful day instead of going to the gym after work I picked up Lindsay and Daddy and went to the park. Lindsay fits nicely in the jogging stroller now. We did two miles at the track and then put in some time at the playground. The slide Lindsay was on was the perfect size for her and doesn't it look like she's really sliding?! Notice that she has mastered the ROCK WALL too!! :)

Actually I'm pretty sure my girl is going to be a rollercoaster freak like her mom. We put her on a taller slide and laid her down and sent her (Mike of course was at the bottom to catch) and she absolutely LOVED it! With her coat on and her hood up she slid perfectly. We only did it twice as daddy said that was "more than enough"! Ha! Like I said, she loved it!
I found out this morning that a child in Lindsay's class has roseola. So we're waiting to see if that is going to affect us in the coming days. Apparently they are contagious before they even present illness so what ever got spread around is already done. Please say some prayers that we do not have to deal with anything like that right now. So far Linds is just fine!
I must cut it short tonight as LOST is coming on and it is not a show that you can half watch and stay caught up! Yes, we're addicted!


Anonymous said...

those are great pictures! the one of her on the rock wall is awesome. it really looks like she is climbing it by herself. and i will definitly say a little prayer that she does not have roceola.

Tara said...

Looks like fun! sorry I didn't help you with the links but at least you got it.

Chris said...

Thank you MIKE! He did it for me last night! He built his own web site so I figured he would figure it out. Now I have to have him show me.

Chris said...

Thank you HUBBY DEAR! He did it for me. Now I have to have him show me!

Anonymous said...

Kaley and Auntie Kim really LOVE the rock wall photo! Looks like a good time was had by all at the park. :)