Saturday, February 10, 2007


Lindsay says to Midnight the cat..."MY DADDY" (Midnight stakes claim on daddy's lap whenever she can. Max looking sheepish on his bed. He does NOT turn out well in pics.
Had to take Freckles outside as she was freaking out about the she is running away from me. The dog is senile!
Well, here it is. I promised to get some pet pictures up on the blog and here they are. The dog that won't pose NO WAY, NO HOW....the dog who LIVES for attention but can't show up decent in a photo and the cat who is well...the cat. She is the boss. The title MY DADDY fits for her AND Lindsay.

So today we had a "bad mommy" moment. I took Linds to the hair salon with me and had her in her stroller while I was getting my color done (aka..covering the gray). When it was time for a shampoo we wheeled over to the sinks and I had not strapped her back in her stroller. She was sitting playing just fine when all of a sudden (when I wasn't looking) she slid out the bottom and hit the floor. Now she is A-OK, not a scratch on her or a bump on her head...she only cried because she scared herself. As soon as I picked her up she was smiling, no tears and only I was the one hanging by a thread. Afterward the shampoo girl was nice enough to take my shirt and put it in the dryer as I was soaked. I strapped Lindsay back in and swore that I would never be so stupid again. Thankfully I'm reading the GIRLFRIEND'S GUIDE TO TODDLERS and I know that I am not a bad mommy for this. I got what you would call a "Freebie" from God. That could have been a lot worse, ie...TILE FLOOR. Anyway, I held it together until I called Mike from the car and then I cried. That is the first "fall down, go boom" that was preventable and mommy screwed up. So that was my exciting day. That and chasing Freckles with the camera like a lunatic trying to get a decent picture.

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Anonymous said...

DON'T feel bad - you do recall the nightmare Halloween pic experience we shared? And remember who forgot to strap Graison into the stroller while we were viewing the photos? Quite the bump on the head that I caught crap from Daddy for...and I felt just awful about it for could have been worse! I was a far worse Mommy that day...