Sunday, February 11, 2007

Up late and feeling nostalgic...

Lindsay and mommy home at last!
One of my fave first shots of Lindsay at two weeks old. What a pose!
Lindsay in her rocker at two months. Notice her and snoopy sort of have the same pose going on. We take a monthly shot of her in the rocker to watch her growth. I will have to post a seven month shot soon. I'm waiting for a Valentine's Day to take it in her holiday outfit.

Tonight was a weird night. I'm all out of sorts. Lindsay to took a nap at 5:30 and daddy and I decided to join her. Finally, I woke up to her babbling/whining and I heard Mike on the phone. I was wondering why Lindsay was up before me already. It wasn't morning it was 10:30 p.m. Mike let me sleep and we all slept right through dinner. Anyway, once we got the baby back to bed we had cereal and I've been surfing the web. Mike went to bed two hours ago and here I sit. I'm going to pay for this tomorrow in church. Got to thinking that I should post some early pics of Lindsay so some of my new blogger pals could see how much she's changed. Now I'm just all nostalgic. I better head off to bed though. We have a long day tomorrow. We're going to visit Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve after church. Guess I'll be napping in the car on the way!


Anonymous said...

love all the pictures! that one of Lindsay posing is too cute! and the dog max is a trip! that face! gosh, girl, if i had a nickel for all the whoops-se-daisies i have committed in 3 years of being a mom i would be rich! oh, i remember having Joe at 5 mos. in his bouncy seat on the kitchen table and he fell out becuz i forgot to strap him in! Thank God he was fine, but i cried like a baby! I swear his guardian angel works overtime! :)

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing your story Katie...all my mommy friends are making me feel better by sharing their oops stories. Glad you liked the pics...though my pups can not compare photo wise to that sausage of yours! He really is photogenic that weiner!