Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy Bake Sunday 2/12/2012

Lindsay spent a very long time this afternoon making Easy Bake Oven Smores for mom and dad. Brooke is over at Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul's house for the weekend, so she missed out on the fun. This is a photo after she ate her messy smore! Thanks again to Julie and Keith Miller for donating the Easy Bake to us for FREE! This photo is for you both to enjoy!

After Easy Bake mess time Lindsay needed a bath and then we picked up a friend of hers from school and went to the dollar theater to see Happy Feet 2. Not the best of movie's we have seen lately. Even the girls gave it two thumbs down!! LOL!

We want to wish Carol Larsen a very Happy Birthday today!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we hope all of you have a very Happy Valentine's Day! Mike and I are taking the girls out for pizza with an awesome coupon to celebrate V-day with our two BEAUTIES!!!

Much Love to you all!!

The Bresnan Four!!

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