Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Johnny's Pizza is soooo yummy!!
Brooke and Lindsay will only eat CHEESE.

Daddy taakes a photo of his 3 Valentine's. (Lindsay is doing the Justin Bieber heart) LOL!!

Brooke is laughing about it and can't quite get her hands into the right heart shape.

Lindsay is saying "Justin" in this photo...O.M.G!!!

My sweet girls we had a long day, Lindsay had a good time at school and was very pleased that Daddy surprised her with a Valentine Day school lunch visit since Mommy was at a consignment sale.

Lindsay working in one of her Kindergarten workbooks while waiting for the pizza to come.

Brooke's Christmas Tree impression we changed it to a Valentine tree, so Lindsay would take the photo of us. Lindsay is actually becoming quite the photographer lately.

Brooke & Mommy!! :)

Brooke LOVED her Valentine shirt (good thing she didn't ren=member that it was Lindsay's shirt last year!!). She thought it was new. I wonder how many years we'll get away with that one?

Notice Mom's Snoopy Cupid Pin???

My little Valentine was a happy girl tonight!

Sister's posing in their V-Day Shirts!

Silly Lindsay always Hamming for the camera! Love Brookie in her valentine shirt and black jeans!!!

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