Friday, December 9, 2011

Polar Express and SANTA SURPRISE!! 12/9/2011

Friday 12/9/2011 we went to Barnes and Noble for a reading of The Polar Express. Here I am with the girls and my newly colored hair (no more grey!) it was also P.J. night for all of the kid's. Once the lady finished telling the story she gave all of the children silver bells on red ribbon.
The big surprise was Santa came up from the front of the store. No one knew THAT was going to happen! Apparently our B&N has been doing this since 2003, and now it's a company wide gig.

I love this photo of Lindsay and Santa and I am sure she is telling him she wants a PINK DS.

Brooke told Santa she wants a doll house that Barbie can get in and ride to the 2nd floor and a new BABY! I love that Brooke is so willing to sit with Santa this year. Santa even took his finger and stroked her sweet dimple!! I just MELT! Lindsay said Santa told her that he KNOWS she was good enough to get her DS but he also told her to CONTINUE to behave!!!

What a heart warming night and SEASON!!

Many Warm wishes to you all and to all a Good Night!

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