Saturday, December 31, 2011


On Friday 12/30/2011 our family attended Miss Meleigh's sixth birthday party at World of Gymnastics. Here is Meleigh about to go across the zip line!

Mike and I were very proud of Lindsay for going second as she had her birthday at this same location back in June and it took her over an hour to work up her courage!!

"LOOK AT ME" says Lindsay!!

Lindsay heads back to the platform.

This is the "I want to do it again" face! :)

Meleigh about to do the high jump!!


Lindsay loves the "FLYING" feeling so she straps in to do the high jump as well!!

Lindsay jumps higher than we have ever seen her jump!!

This was as brave as we got Brooke to be today. She did not want to zip line this time.

Lindsay rolls through the obstacle course.

Brooke slides down the first pad on the course.

Meleigh shows off some of her gymnastic skills!

Lindsay racing under a rainbow in her first obstacle race of the day!

We were very proud of her, even when she didn't win she handled it pretty well.

Action shot of Meleigh racing back from one of her races!

Go Lindsay here she comes in front of her racing partner!!

Time for treats and CAKE!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Meleigh! Happy Birthday to you!

Make a wish...what a PRETTY PINK CAKE SHE HAD!!

Brooke loved her cake and had a great time at the "big kid" Party!

I think all the kids had a great time and wore themselves out. Mine sure did! After the party we met the girls grandparents for lunch and a trip to the mall. They even napped on the way home!!!

Lindsay and Brooke giving Meleigh her gift with Meleigh's mom sitting there to help read the cards.


I have to say we gave her a pretty cool gift, it's her own Barbie Purse she can color herself!!

I hope she likes it!!

AWWW, Sweet HUGS!!!

We had a super fun time at your party Meleigh! Thank you for inviting all of us!

May you have a wonderful year!

And Happy New Year to Sarah, Andy,Meleigh and Sidney!


Chris, Mike, Lindsay & Brooke Bresnan

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