Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall 2011/ Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2011 Brooke checks out the pumpkin that Daddy and Lindsay carved while she was at Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul's house the night before. We were leaving to go trick or treat so we set out the candy in the cauldron and a bowl and left a sign for the kid's to only take one or two and leave some for others.
Lindsay was the Barbie swan fairy and Brooke was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Trick-or-Treat at our neighbor John's house. The girls with John and his daughter Megan.

Waiting at the door of the new neigbor's house! They had scary blow up's in their yard which we forgot to take a photo of. Oops!!

The girls were so happy to go around on our street for a change this year!

The girls loved the glow wands that Mom found for them at the dollar store, we didn't let them glow until dusk. Lindsay's was pink with a butterfly on top, and Brooke's was yellow with a heart on top to match her dress.

Ms. Pam gave the girls lots of candy!

Here we are leaving Ms. Lisa and Mr. Shelton's house.

After our street, we drove over to Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul's new house to go Trick-or-Treat in their new neighborhood. This is a photo of just one of the pumkins' that Uncle Paul carved.

By now the girls have met some new friends to run with. Audrey Grace and her sister Caroline. This house had a Raggedy Ann & Andy just about to leave. Brooke and Lindsay were waiting with their new friends Pocahontis and Minnie Mouse to get more candy.

Off they go, to the next house!!

I had to have a picture of this pair! They were SO ADORABLE!!

Brooke, Audrey Grace, Lindsay and Minnie Mouse (Caroline)

Happy Girls' We think Lindsay will be much more willing to go over to A & P's house now that she has met someone her same age to play with. Audrey is also 5.

I took this photo of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin for Donna!

What a cool pumpkin! Great carving job!!

How sweet! The girls really made fast friends, Lindsay really has no problem making new friends. I just wish we had more kid's her age in our neighborhood!!

We all exchanged phone numbers so hopefully we can make some future play dates even though the girls go to different schools.

What Cutie Patooties!!

The girls all hold hands as we walk to their house to get some candy from our new friend's parents; who were also walking with us.

Uncle Paul gives Brooke a lift and Grandmama smiles for the camera.

Brooke and Lindsay pose with another one of Uncle Paul's pumpkins. Uncle Paul also gave the girls each a mini pumpkin to take home.

Too cute! Brooke is just a little excited!

Here is our pumpkin all lit up when we got home. We even had left over candy.

Another photo of our pumpkin witth the porch light on. It was kind of small this year because we waited until Sunday to get one and they were very picked over by then. We were LUCKY to get one at all!

Lindsay is PASSED OUT! She fell asleep on the way home from Agatha and Paul's house, she has been this way since she was a baby. Mike can carry her up the stairs, change her clothes and get her in the bed and she does NOT wake up. LOL!!


Lindsay drawing the circle around the top of the pumpkin for Daddy who would cut it. Brooke was not home which is why she is not in any of these photos.

We got a funky shaped pumpkin...

Lindsay's least favorite part scooping out the guts.

Gotta love THAT expression!!

Lindsay wants to plant some pumpkin seeds in our back yard so we can grow our own pumpkin's next year.

There, now she has the BIG kitchen spoon to scoop with!

C-H-E-E-S-E what a great Lindsay smile!!!!

My sweetie shows off his glasses for me. He needed them to work on the crazy mouth that Lindsay wanted him to carve!

Mike carves as Lindsay colors with the marker.

Here's the final product! Yeah, Lindsay and Daddy! Thanks for carving our pumpkin.

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