Saturday, November 5, 2011

11/5/2011 Brooke's Silhouette

Today we took Brooke to Learning Express to have a silhouette made of her like we did with Lindsay in 2008.
Here is Brooke doing a very good job sitting very still for the artist. It's really cool to watch them work. After she is finished you end up with three silhouettes of your child's profile.
Lindsay came with us and her job was to make Brooke stare at her the whole time so she did not move.

Here is the one we had done of Lindsay back in 2008. I went to Michael's that day to pick out a frame for it, as the artist will frame it for you but theirs are very expensive. In 2008 I was already expecting Brooke and fortunately I had the forethought to purchase TWO matching frames as I knew I would want to do a silhouette of each of my children.
Lindsay was age 2 at the time of her silhouette.

Here is the one we did of Brooke Marie today. We liked her in Pigtails, since she wears them a lot we thought it was kind of "HER" look. Just like when Lindsay was two her hair used to be up on top of her head in a little sprout pony tail which was her "look" back then.

Here is Lindsay's silhouette again...

...and Brooke's

I am very excited to finally have one for both of them. I am planning on hanging them over each of their bed's. Just as shown so it looks like they are looking at each other from across the room. Thank you very much to my sister and their Aunt Patti for paying for this for us. I am so happy to get a silhouette of Brooke too.

Thanks Pat we love you!

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