Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/16/2011 Boston Kindergarten Classes Celebrate Thanksgiving 2011

Today we got to go to Lindsay's Thanksgiving play that was put on by her class and two others.
They did such a fabulous job! After the play we went back to her classroom for a feast. Here is one of her Turkey's that she made in class.

We brought Aunt KK and Brooke with us to the play. Brooke was very happy to see her!

On stage there were Turkey's, Indian Men, Indian Women, Corn Cob People, Pilgrim Women, Pilgrim Men and a Minister named Lennon. Yes, Lennon did a great job! :)

My photos are sort of dark here because we were a little to far away.

Here are 3 of our Pilgrim women Emma, Meleigh and Lindsay (L-R)

Ms. Chee-How's girls!

Since there were Tornado warnings this afternoon the play started just a bit late. The students were on lock down in the Hallways prior to the play so it gave us time to set up the camcorder to tape it. I guess in three more years we will do the same Thanksgiving play with Brooke's kindergarten class.

Squanto helped the Pilgrims plant corn. (Lindsay's Turkey Hand Says)

We are at the feast. Our Lindsay is obviously thirsty since she had a 102.7 fever last night. We were really happy her fever broke this morning in time to get her to school on time for the play.

Lindsay is very happy that she sits next to her B.F.F. Meleigh in class now. They get along very well and have since the first day of school.

Brookie and Mommy sitting in class.

Brooke, Lindsay and Daddy.

The Turkey project that Lindsay had to work on over our camping weekend about a month ago. Her Turkey is the third one from the right. We have to give Grandma credit for helping her design it!

Here is the whole proud display in the giant glass case at the end of the Kindergarten Hall.

More great showings of Imagination on the "Turkey Wall".

My 2 favorite girls in Ms. Chee-How's class.

MY 3 favorite girls in my life!

3 great Smiles!!

Congratulations to all the children in grade K today, you all put on an AWESOME PLAY!!



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