Monday, November 14, 2011

11/12/2011 Graison's 6th birthday party and Fall Fun with Friends.



HAPPY 6 TH BIRTHDAY GRAISON!! Thanks for having us to your movie party!!

Graison with her sister Caylin behind her and Caylin's step-sister Sammie, and a boy from Graison's school who is kind of "her boyfriend"! Ha! Ha!

Graison's cookie cake was REALLY yummy!!!

The Birthday girl finishes up her cookie. While her "Bestie" Lindsay waits to help her open presents!

Brooke got icing from her cookie all in her nose! LOL!

Lindsay tickles Cutie pie Rylann!

Gotta love those CHEEKS!!! :)

Graison shows off the DS game from Lindsay and Brooke. We got her Discovery Kid's Dolphin Discovery game, which Lindsay is dying to have if she gets a DS for Christmas. She doesn't have a clue but she IS going to get one AND we are going to get her the Dolphin game too!!

Graison opening Lindsay and Brooke's card!

Lindsay looks on while Graison opens the rest of her presents!

Graison's Daddy showing her she has more games in her game carrier that she got from them!!

Back at G's after the movie Puss and Boots, Graison and Lindsay head for the leaves.

Too cute they are having so much fun!

Graison covers up in the leaves as Lindsay falls on top of her!

Picking the leaves out of our hair...

It's RAINING LEAVES on Lindsay & Graison!!

WOW!! They had so much fun!!!
Just look at those FACES! I love it!

Graison is building the pile back up as Lindsay jumps right in!

"BESTIES" having fun together!! The girls are only 7 months apart and they are both in Kindergarten!

More raining leaves!! Lindsay ended up having a sleepover with Graison.

Graison and Lindsay perform singing in the rain!

Such beautiful smiles!

Sharing the swing!!!

Daddy Mike took some great photos!!!

Again, the girls give us GREAT SMILES!!!

Lindsay & Brooke LOVE this swing at our house!Brookie swings next to Rylann.

Caylin diving into the leaves!

Caylin pops out of the leaves! Fun for all ages that day with the leaves!!

Graison and Lindsay get buried again!!

Brookie finally gets in under Lindsay's Sesame Street Umbrella.( Not sure why they brought out the umbrellas?)

Brooke having a blast and she makes the leaves rain too!

Brooke and Sammie.

Brooke brushing some leaves out of her hair looking so cute.

MY FAVORITE PHOTO OF BROOKE EVER! I NEED to frame this one! I just love her sweet dimple smile!!

I can't tell who is buried back there Brooke or Lindsay!? Ha! Ha!

Lindsay still having a blast scooping leaves with her umbrella!

Thank you so much Missy and Anthony for the party invite, the movie and letting Lindsay have a sleepover with Graison! We had a great time and so did Lindsay!

We hope Graison enjoyed her 6th birthday party!

We love you all!

Chris, Mike,Lindsay and Brooke

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