Saturday, September 10, 2011


Finally Lindsay lost that second tooth that has been bothering her for weeks, especially since the first one came out. Maybe she'll start eating a little better again.
If you look very closely you can see 2 grown up teeth coming up through her gums. Funny thing is I remember these 2 bottom teeth were ones that I first noticed she was getting when she was a teething baby! Ah, the mommy memories!

Here is an even closer view!! Grandma and Grandpa picked up Brooke & Lindsay from school yesterday and took them to the dollar store (Lindsay for pulling out her own tooth) and Brooke for being a good girl because she had to go get her Hep A shot yesterday and she did really well. Now Brooke is all caught up on her immunizations until she is four! (and those are the hard ones, right before pre-k starts they get a ton of shots to last them until they are 12.) Except for the annual flu shot. Both girls' are doing a great job in school! Brooke can already say all of the days of the week. Lindsay could not do that at age 3! So proud of Brooke too. She is really starting to catch on and like the idea of school every day. Like her big sister!

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