Saturday, May 7, 2011


Our Team photo!
Lindsay showing off her kindergarten lunch box and new backpack that she just HAD to bring!

At the start of the walk everyone got to release a balloon for all the babies.

Lindsay looking up, watching all the balloons fly away!

Brooke decides she is going to get out of the stroller and walk the first part. Brooke actually walked the first 1/2 mile, then she started asking for uppy up to daddy. Dad decided she needed to ride which she didn't like. But Dad said he wasn't carrying Brookie for 5 laps around and she was not pleased with that. Lindsay actually walked about 2.5 miles which was pretty impressive. She was DETERMINED to carry her back pack and lunch box the whole way. Our walk was up in Canton, Ga near the YMCA at Heritage Park. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us for the walk. I was able to turn in 200.00 and earned my tee shirt to walk. I really appreciate all of you sponsors, please know that you were ultimately helping the families that are now or in the future going to deal with the harsh issues of pre-mature births. I absolutely believe we were doing something very good for future babies born in Georgia. I definitely am thankful that our family never experienced that issue with either of our children. We were very Blessed with 2 healthy girls. God Bless you all and Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friend's out there this weekend.

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