Sunday, May 8, 2011

5/8/2011 MOTHER'S DAY

Mike with 24 ears of corn that he got at Publix for 6.00!
Mike and the girls' shucking corn.

Lindsay & Brooke in her Fairy back pack still shucking corn.

They are working hard to please us mom's!!

Grandad helps the effort!

Lindsay checking out mom's new silver charm for her bracelet.

Grandma reading one of her cards.

I got the cutest pot-bellied pig meant for Pricilla the Pink Pig from Christmastime!

Lindsay playing rough house with Derek.

Laughter is INFECTIOUS!!

Brooke makes her way in front of her sister for a hug.

Brooke tries on Derek's shoes.

Aunt Helen helps her walk around the living room in them.

Brooke can even walk in heels!

Too funny!!

On the way home tonight Brooke fell fast asleep.

Then Lindsay proceeded to count to 100 for the very first time! She was so proud of herself she kept doing it over and over. We are very proud of her too. We think she is totally ready for Kindergarten!!

I hope everyone else had a nice Mother's Day too!!

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