Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Recital Pics from Our Friend Karen

Lindsay with her God-Aunt KK who came to the recital and took all of these extra photos for us.
Linds & KK again! Thank you for your photos KK!! We love you!

Lindsay and her BFF from Pre-K A Reagan.

Grandmama and Brookie get thier photo op!

My beautiful Lindsay posing with her rose.

Lindsay and Reagan share the stage!

Pre-k in the middle of "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" mommy's favorite!

More photos taken on the end where Lindsay was standing.

Santa Claus is coming soon!!

Almost done.

The kid's did such a great job. Thanks to the teacher's who prepped them for this performance.

Here is the 60 kid's in pre-k waiting to go on. This is Ms. Julie who is the teacher assisstant in Lindsay's class.
The recital was a huge hit! It was on December 14,2010. The kid's had a great time and we were so proud of our Lindsay. She felt so special to get her rose afterward. It was a good night and the same week the kid's got a day off due to weather.

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