Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Lindsay trying on her Rudolph nose that Aunt Denise sent to the girls along with Christmas presents!
Lindsay says RUDOLPH!

Lindsay with a Rudolph scowl because she wants mommy to stop taking pictures and let her open the present already!

Lindsay & Brooke pose in front of the tree with thier noses on shining bright and their packages in their arms tight!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Having some birthday cake that the girls helped to make AND FROST!

Here is Lindsay helping to blow out the candles! (He is not really that old...!)

Having a milk and sippy cup toast to dad!


More fun with the noses.
Tonight we just went to IHOP since kids eat free. Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul joined us and treated Mike to his meal. :) Tomorrow night we are going out with Karen and Kevin for another Hibachi experience like we did for my 40th birthday last year. The girls and I are going to give Mike his birthday goodies there. This dinner tomorrow night is to celebrate both Mike and I since our birthday's are so close together! The girls are excited about tomorrow and even more excited that cousin Mary is coming up for Christmas Eve, she will even be here for Christmas Morning to see what Santa brings!!!! This year is soooo exciting for them and so much fun for Mike and I.

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